Feature Updates

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Feature Updates


  1. Created a “Sleeping Arrangements” feature that allows you to build out your room or home with bedroom and bathroom specifics.
  2. Created a new “News” section to help managers keep up to date on changes to the system as well as things happening in their area.



  1. Created ability to link listings and rooms together so that when one is reserved, the other is blocked off.
  2. Created “Setup Days” for each listing within each rate – this makes it so that if a listing is booked, the departure date is blocked against arrivals (Closed To Arrival) to allow more time to prepare for the next reservation.
  3. Added ability for business’s to specify if they require a Damage Deposit or Waiver before or upon guest arrival.



  1. Managers can re-arrange their listings on the reservation calendar to fit their needs
  2. Created a sitemap system to handle all of the LocalOTA websites out there
  3. Managers can now add/edit addresses on reservations
  4. Added data attributes to reservation emails so that email parsing systems can easily interpret the reservation
  5. Created CSV exports for admins for reservations and listing searches
  6. Added a “feedback” form for guests to leave comments about the website
  7. Added the ability to use Google Optimize
  8. Lots of polish to the customer experience
  9. SEO improvements



  1. Integrated with the NextPax channel manager
  2. Created a new “Custom Report” that can be used to drill down on your reservation, transaction and financial data between any dates and times that you choose.



  1. Implemented the full suite of Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking.
  2. Created a powerful and comprehensive “Quick Override” system on the manager calendar. This allows you to override all of your listing data quickly.



  1. Added the ability for businesses to hide their address if they do not want that information to be public.
  2. Added the ability to specify your countries currency
  3. Added social media sharing to listings so that guests can share listings that they find with friends and family



  1. Managers can now respond to a guests review after it has been posted.
  2. Adding a tracking system for all changes made to business and listing content. Each change is tracked by what was changed, who changed it and when it was changed.



  1. Added the ability to collect billing and/or shipping address information during the checkout process.
  2. Removed the original Google Captcha and replaced it with their new “hidden” version that is less obtrusive for guests.



  1. Created the ability to set “Extras” for each listing. When a guest adds an item to the cart, these extras will display to the guest and will be attached to that item throughout the reservation process.
  2. Created a dedicated page for each individual business. This page will show all the contact information for that business as well as all of their listings. (Lodging Only)



  1. Added a “shared bathroom” option for Hostels
  2. Added an upsell feature to the purchase confirmation page to inform the guest of either lodging or activities available during the time of their stay.
  3. There is a new calendar summary in the manager dashboard to quickly be able to see your reservations at a glance for the month.
  4. Managers can now define their own “Peak Days”. Instead of the system telling managers what their peak days are, they can set them to any days of the week of their choosing.



  1. Created eGift cards. Managers can now sell eGift cards for any item that they wish. Restaurants can also sell gift cards in set denominations.
  2. Created “time” based activities. Managers can set an activity duration and quantity and our system will automatically fill the day between their opening and closing hours with the correct availability.
  3. Created a new house keeping report.
  4. Manager can now set a percentage to take for online transactions from 0% to 100%. If a guest makes a reservation for $100 and this is set to 50%, then the guest will pay $50 up front and the rest will be due upon arrival.



  1. Property Groups – managers can now create “groups” of properties to make editing rates, min stays, etc easier.
  2. The system is now “transaction” based. You can add cash, offline credit cards, etc depending on how the customer pays. The system will track your transactions and make it easy to determine whether or not a reservation is paid in full.
  3. You can now save and charge customers credit cards right from a reservation in the calendar. When you’re looking at a reservation, under Transactions, you can select an amount and credit card. This will also save the guests credit card for future transactions.
  4. Activities now have weekday and weekend pricing. This gives you more flexibility if you want to lower your prices on slower days. If weekend pricing is not set, it uses weekday by default.

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